There are a number of activities the Eco Committee and the school community are undertaking at the moment. We have in the last year become one of the national Air Quality Programme schools, through this children receive drama workshops, health initiatives and education regarding the impact poor air quality is having on their health. For instance, recently year 4 had a visit where they helped install Air Quality Diffusion Tubes on lampposts in the surrounding streets – these were left in close proximity to the school as well as a few roads away. The tubes were placed in order to monitor the amount of pollution from increased traffic looking at the potential effects of cars idling during school pick up time. The tubes have been sent to a laboratory who will analyse the air quality collected and present the findings at the end of March, noting how much affect local traffic is having on the health of the children at Buckland. 

The school have also entered two competitions, one for the annual Spelthorne in Bloom awards and another to design walk to school badges (made from recycled yogurt pots). 

Children in Eco club have been busy making Ecobricks out of recycled plastic bottles which are then filled with non-recyclable plastics, such as plastic bags, plastic wrappers etc. Once full (and very firmly stuffed) the bottles are weighed and checked for firmness – these are then logged onto a national database which monitors the amount of plastic reduction we have contributed to. The bricks are then used either by ourselves (to make things like garden chairs) or sent away to be used in other countries to make walls or even huts for homeless to live in. 

The committee are currently trying to educate their peers on keeping the playgrounds clear of rubbish and the effect rubbish can have on wildlife and the biodiversity within the school. 

Six of Our Eco members will be attending the local Eco conference at Spelthorne Council Chambers next week to take part in a local discussion regarding how we can promote Green living, locally, nationally and internationally. 

A talk has also been booked to inform children of how their lifestyles can affect the Rainforests and what we can do as our part towards helping protect them. This will involve meeting and learning about some of the animals and reptiles which habitats we may be harming.