On Tuesday 24th January the Buckland Athletics team arrived at Spelthorne Leisure centre, both excited and nervous. After months of training the team were ready for the competition.

Wearing the amber bibs, the girl’s obstacle relay team went first, followed by the boys. Both teams were amazing finishing 2nd in their heat, which was ultimately the fastest heat.

The first round of the field events was called as the girls 1 and 2 lap relay races commenced. Although we couldn’t see how we were doing in the field events, we got a sense we were doing well. The girls ran brilliantly finishing 2nd and 3rd in their races.

The boys were up next whilst the first round of the girl’s field events was called. Again, the boys were quick, finishing first and second.

Another round of boys and girl’s field events went up whilst the dreaded 6 lap relay was announced, an event which pushes the athlete to their limits. The girls went first and dominated, winning confidently. The boys matched the girls, winning their race emphatically.

The final round of field events was called whist the over under race was set up. The field events were going well as the children were coming back saying they were first or second. 

The girls over under team stepped up and flew through the race, winning comfortably with the boys finishing third in an extremely fast heat.

With two events to go, we knew it was going to be tight. Javelin was the penultimate event with all throwers going at the same time. The girls stepped up and held their own, matching and bettering their opposition. Next up the boys, who simply left the opposition in their wake. All three throwers beat their opposition and with the combined score, no way were they being beaten.

The final event, the 4 x 1 relay. The girls race team, unchanged from their win at district sports went first. We took the lead in the first leg and held it until the finish line. Those girls were simply too quick. The boys were up next who held their own in what was a quick heat, finishing third overall, still a good result and every point helps.

Now it was time for the nervous wait to find out the results. After the thanks and applause for all the helpers and teachers it was time. In reverse order the schools were called, still no Buckland, we had made the top 3. St Michaels were third, winning the bronze medal. It was between us and Laleham. Then the announcer came on the microphone, in second place……….Laleham. Buckland had won!

It was truly a fantastic effort by every single person involved. They’ve trained hard and deserve winning, beaten some very tough competition along the way. I could not be prouder of the team, they were amazing! On to the county final!