Covid Updates

This page is designed to keep parents and carers up to date with the ever changing situation around the Covid-19 pandaemic that caused the closure of schools in March 2020.  On this page you will find up to date information from the Government Guidelines, links to useful websites and any news items that we have sent out from Buckland Primary School.

Since our return in September, across the school children and staff have adapted very well to our new way of working. We believe that if one has high expectations of our young people they will not disappoint and over the course of the start of term in September all our pupils settled back into school very quickly indeed which has impressed all of the staff.

We are constantly reviewing our situation to establish if and when we can bring those aspects of school life that we have suspended for the time being such as after-school provision, clubs and extracurricular activities. For now, the emphasis is on getting our pupils back into the routine of lessons which cover all aspects of the curriculum.

We understand that the Government advice is constantly being updated but we would like to remind you of the following with regard to your child’s attendance at school.  As you will be aware from September the Government reinstated the legal obligation for all children to attend school.

1. If your child or anyone else living in the same household develop Covid symptoms, then the whole family must self isolate and you must arrange a test for the person with symptoms.  The household must stay isolated until the test results come back, if they are negative then you can cease self isolating and return to work/school etc.  We would ask that you inform the school of this and keep us informed as soon as you know the test results

2. If you have a child in another school and their bubble has been sent home to isolate, the child or children that attend Buckland Primary must still attend school unless the sibling then developes Covid symptoms, at which point the whole family will need to self isolate as per the first point above.

If at any point you are unsure what to do then please call 111 for medical advice.  You are also welcome to call the school office if you are unclear on the guidelines around if your child can attend school but please note we are unable to offer medical advice.

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If you would like paper copies for any of the information on our website, please contact the school office