Emergency closures

On any occasion where snow or inclement weather is forecast, please assume school will remain open unless you receive a text or email from the school telling you otherwise.

On mornings where the roads/pavements are particularly icy, we ask you to ensure your child gets to school safely but if they are late please do not worry as late marks will not apply for that particular day.

The decision regarding whether a school should close rests with the Headteacher, often in consultation with the Chair of Governors.

The decision is dependent on whether the school can open safely. The availability of staff is key – the school will need to consider if it is possible for sufficient staff to travel safely to school to ensure an appropriate pupil/staff ratio.

The Head teacher will consider if a partial closure, rather than a full closure, be possible e.g. opening for certain year groups only, or starting late and finishing early.

If you are unsure and have not received a text message (they sometimes take a while to get through!) then you can also check the school website or look at our Facebook page.


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If you would like paper copies for any of the information on our website, please contact the school office