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Children are taught to use technology safely and respectfully.  They learn what personal information is and how to keep it private.  They also identify where to go for help and support if they have any concerns and they are also taught how to behave online.  

Full details can be found in our E-Safety policy below.

All children in Years 1 – 6 are asked to read through an E-safety agreement with their parents and the children are asked to sign to say they understand.  Please click on the buttons below to view these agreements.

Online Safety Newsletter – October 2021

 As half term is nearly upon us and the children will be enjoying using their devices during the holiday I thought it may be useful to have some information on game and films age ratings.

 Some pupils have been watching the Netflix series Squid Games on you tube, this programme has an age rating of 18 and is therefore unsuitable for children under the age of 18 to view. BBFC age ratings can help parents decide if films and TV shows are right for their family. You’ll see age ratings – like U, PG and 12 – in the cinema, on DVDs and on streaming services.

 PEGI (Pan European Game Information) is a content rating system used in over 35 European countries that provides age recommendations for gaming content, which includes mobile apps. It’s not always easy to find the age or content rating on an app or game. They can usually be found in the ‘terms and conditions’ or ‘terms of use’. Often this information will be in the settings section of the app or game. Some apps will ask users to confirm their age before signing up but often it’s very easy to say yes without there being any checks. Other apps don’t ask for any age confirmation at all. Because of this, we recommend being with your child when they download a new app or play a new game. Take the time to explore it together and decide together whether it’s appropriate. Just because an app or game has an age rating or recommendation, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your child. Each child is different and you know better than anyone whether it’s right for your child.

 Children do enjoy going onto YouTube to watch film clips and listen music. Unfortunately, some of the content can be distressing and violent. Although children of all ages often watch YouTube content directly via the website or main YouTube app, YouTube itself states that the only place children should be watching its videos is in the YouTube Kids app. I have included information to help you set up You Tube Kids on your devices.

 I hope the guides are useful and you enjoy a relaxing week


Online Safety Update  – May  2022

Some children in school have been discussing online characters called Huggy Wuggy and Mommy long legs which are from a game and TV show called Poppy Playtime. The animated character goes by the friendly name of Huggy Wuggy, leading parents and children to believe the videos are aimed at youngsters and contain no inappropriate material. However,  the blue bear-like creature chases and threatens other characters in nightmarish scenarios, leaving many young children upset and frightened.

 The character is from a survival horror game called Poppy Playtime, but has been made into popular videos which appear on YouTube and have seemingly slipped through parental controls. Poppy Playtime first appeared on Steam and is made by indie developer MOB Games. In it, the player plays as a former employee who is revisiting an abandoned toy factory previously owned by the game’s in-universe company Playtime Co.

 It is available on the App Store and Android store and has a PEGI 12 rating, meaning it is only suitable for people over 12. Toys representing the character are sold on Amazon. The Huggy Wuggy character has also been recreated on Roblox, a virtual community where users can create their own 3D worlds with their own game players.

What is Poppy Playtime?

The game involves staying alive in a horror puzzle adventure. Within the game, vengeful toys wait for players in the abandoned toy factory. Players must grab packs in order to hack electrical circuits or nab anything from afar. As players explore the mysterious facility you try not to get caught.

This game is not suitable for primary aged children as it contains some frightening and disturbing content that is very upsetting to view.



Anti Bullying and E-Safety  – Helpful Links

Please see below for a list of websites and resources:

Child Line – telephone 0800 1111   childline.org.uk/

NSPCC – nspcc.org.uk

NSPCC Share aware advice booklet for parents to keep children safe online nspcc.org.uk/globalassets/documents/advice-and-info/share-aware.pdf

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP Centre) ceop.police.uk/

Think u Know (CEOP) – A guide to internet Safety and safe surfing for young people   thinkuknow.co.uk/

Information on this website includes a search tool to help you find out more about different apps net-aware.org.uk

This website has information for parents on the dangers certain apps can cause to children.  protectyoungeyes.com

Childnet Digital Leaders Program Childnet

Parentzone Parent Zone

BBC Staying Safe Online

Sadfishing – information for parents Sadfishing

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