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Children are taught to use technology safely and respectfully.  They learn what personal information is and how to keep it private.  They also identify where to go for help and support if they have any concerns and they are also taught how to behave online.  

Full details can be found in our E-Safety policy below.

All children in Years 1 – 6 are asked to read through an E-safety agreement with their parents and the children are asked to sign to say they understand.  Please click on the buttons below to view these agreements.

Safer Internet Day –  5th February 2019

Reception enjoyed the story of Digi Duck which teaches the children the value of being kind to others online. They also thought about stranger danger while listening to the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Year 1 played a game called the kindness circle this was a game of Chinese whispers and helped year one consider how to be kind. The children also enjoyed playing reality river. This provided the children with an opportunity to consider which things are real and not real. The aim of the game was to get across the river to find out the answers.

Year 2 made up friend book characters. This taught the children what personal information is and how it needs to remain private. Year 2 also make Digital foot prints of their online activities and discuss the appropriate age ratings for certain apps and games.

Year 3 discussed and thought about how to be internet kind. This conversation helped the children to design and make a top tip puzzle piece on how to stay safe online.

Year 4 deliberated and considered the different types of social media. They thought about what they believed the age restrictions should be. In groups year 4 sorted and matched the age restrictions to the logos. They then shared and discussed age restrictions and why these age restrictions are set.

 Year 5 The theme was to “Spread the news”,   they looked at three fake news stories and one real. They then decided which scenario could get police involved.

Year 6 The theme wasAll about them”.  They thought about and discussed what information should we share. The children drew a picture of themselves and surrounded themselves with personal information. They then highlighted what they can share and what they shouldn’t share.


Anti Bullying and E-Safety  – Helpful Links

Please see below for a list of websites and resources:

Child Line – telephone 0800 1111   childline.org.uk/

NSPCC – nspcc.org.uk

NSPCC Share aware advice booklet for parents to keep children safe online nspcc.org.uk/globalassets/documents/advice-and-info/share-aware.pdf

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP Centre) ceop.police.uk/

Think u Know (CEOP) – A guide to internet Safety and safe surfing for young people   thinkuknow.co.uk/

Information on this website includes a search tool to help you find out more about different apps net-aware.org.uk

This website has information for parents on the dangers certain apps can cause to children.  protectyoungeyes.com

Childnet Digital Leaders Program Childnet

Parentzone Parent Zone

BBC Staying Safe Online

Sadfishing – information for parents Sadfishing

E-Safety News


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