Remote Learning

Our overarching aims are to keep our core purpose of teaching and learning continuing as effectively as possible, and to maintain a connection between staff, pupils and their families.

Included on this page is our school contingency plan should remote learning need to be used due to a bubble or whole school closure.

Why do we have online Remote Learning?

On 1st October 2020 the Department for Education (DfE) published a directive under the coronavirus act 2020, which states that all state-funded school age children must be provided with “immediate access to remote education”. The DfE made clear within the Directive that “schools have a legal duty to provide remote education for state-funded, school-age children unable to attend school due to coronavirus (Covid-19)”. This direction comes into force on 22nd October 2020 and will have effect “until the end of the current school year, unless it is revoked by a further direction”.

Remote Learning Offer

The school has implemented research from the Educational Endowment Foundation as a basis for our approach to remote learning. When implementing strategies to support pupils’ remote learning, or supporting parents to do this, key things to consider include:

  • Teaching quality is more important than how lessons are delivered
  • Ensuring access to technology is key, especially for disadvantaged pupils
  • Peer interactions can provide motivation and improve learning outcomes
  • Supporting pupils to work independently can improve learning outcomes
  • Different approaches to remote learning suit different types of content and pupils

To prepare and plan for the possibility of class bubbles isolating or the partial/whole closure of the school. It is essential that the school collates the following information from all families. This will be collected as part of our induction processes:

  • Email address for school correspondence
  • Consent for the delivery of resources and packs where identified
  • School Parentmail/website/social media/YouTube channel recommended to all families as a platform for communication and sharing of resources
  • The availability of electronic devices is ascertained for all families


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