Learning and Teaching

Inclusion / SEN

All local children are welcome to join our school. Each child is valued and given equality of opportunity in all areas of school life whatever their class, culture, race, belief, gender,ability or disability. Our individual approach to the needs of all children in our school puts us in a good position to cater for the particular needs as they arise. All children are encouraged to join in, show initiative and take responsibility as part of their personal development.

Our school is all on one level and is easily accessed by wheelchairs. We have ramps at all main entrances and have toilets designated for those needing wheelchair access. We regularly review our policies on equal opportunities, racial equality, inclusion and accessibility to ensure all needs are being addressed.

Special Educational Needs

Meeting special educational needs at Buckland means responding to a child’s special need as it arises. This could be any concern that might influence a child’s educational progress and well-being. These concerns may emanate either from home or school.

Liaison within school and between school and home, together with ongoing monitoring, is instrumental in assessing need and ensuring an appropriate response. Both the school and parents are able to draw upon support from specialist agencies; e.g. speech and language therapists and educational psychologists for advice on the management of complex concerns. Most difficulties are, however, addressed by early, school-based intervention within the everyday classroom routine.

This approach is supported by a national system of record-keeping called a Register of Special Needs which records the stages of additional support a child may be receiving. Our school policy on Special Needs is available from the school office.

High Achievers

While we aim to stimulate and challenge all children in everything they do at school, some children have a special gift in a particular area. These children are encouraged to develop their talent in a variety of ways according to the nature and the extent of the talent. These may include workshops with children from other schools who are similarly gifted; extra challenges within a lesson; encouragement and support to pursue the talent outside school hours; specific activities in school for talented children. We recognise that children may be gifted and talented in many areas, such as sport, writing, maths, art and design, music, drama. We encourage all children to pursue these gifts, as success in one area can often transfer itself to other areas, thus boosting a child’s confidence.


At Buckland we have a strong, effective behaviour and anti-bullying policy which is based on high expectations and encourages self-discipline. It consists of codes of expected behaviour with positive reinforcements when the children choose to conform to the code and clearly laid down consequences when they don’t.

The school codes apply in all situations – the classrooms, toilets, assembly hall, dining hall and the playground. This policy ensures consistency and fairness for all children. All parents new to the school are given a copy of our policy and we seek your support in implementing it.

What we offer children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Schools are now required by the Department for Education to publish on their website a summary of the support they provide for children with SEND. Please look at the document below to find out about Buckland Primary School’s offer.

If you would like more information with regard to SEND please contact our SENCO, Jaqui Tracey via the school office on 01784 455022 or info@bucklandprimary.surrey.sch.uk.

National Pupil assessments results can be found via the link below.  For more information on DfE school performance tables please visit


The document below shows the assessment results for children in Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1 Phonics, Year 2 (end of Key Stage 1) and Year 6 (end of Key Stage 2) for the academic year 2017 – 2018. The school’s results are compared with the national results for 2018.

National Assessment Results 2018

OFSTED Reports

Our Ofsted Rating: Good

We were delighted to receive an overall ‘good’ rating at our inspection in October 2017. Many thanks to all the children, staff, governors and parents who work so hard to achieve our vision!

You can download the latest report below or go to the Ofsted website:www.ofsted.gov.uk