Buckland vs Town Farm

Thursday 17th January 2019

Buckland, defending champions from last year, faced Town Farm is the first round of the cup. On an incredibly muddy pitch, Buckland won the toss and chose the ends, leaving Town Farm to kick off.

With an absolutely outrageous goal, Town farm scored from the center spot, I didn’t look at the stopwatch, but it has to be the quickest goal ever. Aimee, along with all spectators, was left flabbergasted at the opening goal.

Buckland kicked of the restart and soon made their presence known, driving into the oppositions half and creating goal scoring chances. It wasn’t long before Jess found the net, quickly followed by two goals from Sude. Town farm had very little opportunities in the first half and any passes they did string together was soon dealt with by Hope and Skarlet in defence.  Jess found the bottom corner for her second of the match after a brilliant move involving Layla and Sude in the middle. The half time score, Buckland 4, Town Farm 1.

Town Farm kicked off, attempting the spectacular, but this time Aimee was ready collecting the ball at her post. The second half continued in the same manner as the first, Buckland creating numerous chances and scoring several more goals. Ocean who has been growing in her ability over the past few matches was determined to add to her tally from the previous games. After the Town Farm keeper made a decent save low down, Ocean was there to poke it home for her first of the match. That goal was quickly followed by her second, dribbling through the defence and driving the ball low into the bottom corner.

In the final five minutes, Layla finally got in on the goals and scored her first of the match, before setting up Ocean to complete her hatrick. Town Farm did manage to scramble the ball across the line for a second consolation goal, but the damage was already done. The final score 8 – 2 to Buckland.

This team has gone from strength to strength, it is not often you have a team full of outstanding players, these girls are definitely writing themselves into Buckland History.

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