Fulham Girls Football Tournament

Friday 18th January 2019

Following on from their dismantling of Town Farm, Buckland traveled to Motspur Park (Fulham’s training ground) in an attempt to progress into the next round of the Primary Premier League Tournament.

I would love to be able to give you a match report for every match the girls played, however, the problem I am faced with is the girls played so brilliantly and scored so many goals, I simply can’t recall them all and this report would turn in to an essay.

So the highlights:

Buckland played 12 games into total, playing each team twice. The results:

Buckland                            1 v 0                       Wallace Fields

Stamford Green B            0 v 6                       Buckland

Cleves School                    0 v 0                       Buckland

Manor Croft                      0 v 0                       Buckland

Buckland                            5 v 0                       Stamford Green A

Buckland                            2 v 0                       St Michaels


Buckland                             4 – 0                       Stamford Green B

St Michaels                         3 – 0                       Buckland

Buckland                             3 – 0                       Manor Croft

Wallace Fields                    1 – 3                       Buckland

Buckland                             0 – 0                       Cleves

Stamford Green A              0 – 5                       Buckland

As you can see from the results, Buckland won 9 games, and drew 3, only conceding 1 goal along their way. The results meant that Buckland dominated and won the tournament, ensuring progression through to the next competition.

Buckland scored 32 goals in their 12 games. A fantastic achievement by the girls. I truly am exceptionally proud of what they have accomplished. They deserve all the accolades they receive. This team is truly unbelievable. On their day I don’t think anyone can beat them.

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