On Friday 15th February 2019, the girl’s team travelled to the Fulham training ground for the finals of the Premier League Primary Stars competition. We arrived knowing that there would be tough competition, as all the opponents were either winners or runners up of their respective tournaments.

Buckland were drawn in group A. The format of the competition meant that we played everyone in our group twice. The winner and the runners up would then progress to the semi-final stage of the competition.

Throughout the group stage, Buckland were brilliant, they dominated every game, although winning the majority by a goal to nil, the girls were in control of every game.

 Group stage results

Buckland      1 v 0    Liberty

Tolworth      0 v 1    Buckland

St Johns        0 v 1    Buckland

St Andrews  0 v 2    Buckland

Buckland      1 v 0    Liberty

Tolworth      0 v 1    Buckland

St Johns        0 v 0    Buckland

St Andrews  0 v 5    Buckland

This dominant performance, ensure we progressed to the semi-finals as group winners and would play the runners up of group b, Melcombe. Once again, the girls were incredible. Dominating possession and controlling the game. Jess got the winner with a fiery shot into the top corner.

The final was against St Johns who we beat and drew with during the group stages. The game started and both teams were evenly matched, both creating chances, but again our defence stood strong, but sadly so did theirs. It was St John’s who struck first and ultimately the winner. Giving away a free kick just outside the box gave St Johns the only opportunity they needed. Their star play struck a thunderous shot past the wall and although Aimee got a good hand to it, nobody was keeping that shot out.

Sadly, it was just not our day. We lost to a formidable opponent. I have never been so proud of a Buckland team before, they conducted themselves brilliantly. This team is a true inspiration to everyone at Buckland; they are superb at what they do. It is impossible for me to express how proud and inspired I am by this group of children. What they have done is exceptional and they will always be Buckland’s greatest ever football team. They truly are Buckland heroes!